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The pathway to be an excellent leader

Group Members' Detail

Understanding of Leadership
The difference between Manager & Leader
How could be a good leader
Ethical Leadership
Business Leaders
360 Degrees of Evaluation
Act as a Group Leader
References List
Group Members' Detail


Shengru CHENG (Poppy)

Student ID: 10017242


I am a third year University student of Edith Cowan University. I am major in Marketing. I chose Leadership Management as it provides quite useful information which   might be relevant for my future career. The lecturer Simeon has been fantastic. He is very helpful and offer assistance when teaching the subject. The classmates are also friendly and helpful. Overall, I have experienced lots of fun by studying this course.

Han ZHU (Hanna)
Student ID: 10017633


This is my last semester as the student of Edith Cowan University with major in International Business. I selected this unit- Leadership Management because it is quite helpful for my future business work. From this unit I have learned how to be a good leader to do both efficient and effective communication with others. Our lecture Simeon also gave me a lot of useful instructions towards the leadership management. In short I really enjoyed the time of studying of this unit.




I am currently major in international business which gives me knowledge, skills and abilities required to succeed in an increasingly global business environment. Leadership is one of key success elements of well-structured organisation. Through the study of leadership I realised that I have developed my leadership quality through attended all lectures and with communicate with team members in building team work. I will use leadership skills to achieve the goals more efficiently and efficiently in the future.