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Act as a Group Leader
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Group Members' Detail


Evulation of Other Group Member

Our group consist three girls from Asian countries who grew up in difference background.  We hardly say who is the dominate person in the group because everyone in the group have contributed a lot to our group assignment.  Besides, everyone have their own opinion towards how to build a brilliant website.  To be honest, these opinions are all very helpful.  However, through the cooperation with each other, some leadership qualities could be detected by the behaviors.


Hanna ZHU is my friend.  As far as I know about her, she is a person who has many her own creative thinking and opinions on the designing of the website.  During this group assignment cooperating with her, she also shows her a good coordinator personality to the group.  Once her ideas conflicted with the rest of the group member, she is able to accept the other members’ idea if she thought it is a nice suggestion.  Moreover, she is a person who could be seen as protagonist.  This shows that she is a responsible person.


Julia is another member in the group.  Indeed, she has a gift of being a leader.  She has his own ideas towards the particular issues and tries to convince everyone to accept her opinions.  To some degree, she has the incentives to dominate her idea through the whole task and hardly to change her mind to comply with others.  However, as our cooperation goes on, she seems like to change her mind character a little bit.  She begins to listen to us and after the practice; she also learnt it is valuable to accept others opinion.  No matter how, I appreciate her virtue of power,   because she gave me a high degree of belief and respectability.


Self analysis as a leader


As for myself, to be honest, since I enrolled in this unit, I began to doubt what I could be able to achieve to the end of the semester.  For the reason that I used to believe that this unit couldn’t be taught through the lectures.  Leadership can only be gain through your personal experience to be a leader or to feel how to be a good leader.  However, after attended all lectures, a basic foundation towards leadership was built up in my mind.  To be a good leader is to be more familiar with the theories involved in order to avoid making stupid mistakes to maximize the leadership effectiveness and efficiencies.  More crucially, through the period for preparing the previous two assignments, I learned many cases of successful leader to illustrate particular theories.  These cases convince me the importance of leadership theories.  Meanwhile, during finishing the assessment, the strong feeling on being a great leader comes to my mind.  Especially after experienced as a leader in my group, I have learned that the real leader must be creative, analytical, practical and wisdom. To my own perspective, through the period of learning leadership, I am so proud to say that it is worthy of learning what leadership is and how to be an employable leader.  I appreciate these in detail and generate the merit points what I need to learn in the future.


Feeling of being a Group Leader

Honestly speaking, I am very proud of being a part of this group. We have achieved a precious friendship with each other and I also experience the barrier in person between the group leadership and the solo leadership which could be a footstone on the success of my future career.




Leader Analysis Based on Other Members' Opinion


What Hanna says:

Based on our group work, I find that our group leader- Poppy has got the potential abilities to be a good leader, but she still has some leadership skills to be improved.


She has already got some capabilities for leading. For example, she always performs well on her work and she tries her best to avoid making mistake. She likes motivating and helping other people who has got some difficulties to finish the work. She often establishes close relationship with subordinates; she still knows that “task” is more essential than “people”. On the one hand, without people’s supports, she cannot achieve the future goals. On the other hand, in order to gain the goals, leaders have to hold the right directions, but it does not mean she is an authoritarian leader. She has to use the power and relationships properly. In another word, she has to know that she has responsibilities for the whole team; meanwhile she can use the relationships effectively instead of over-managing.


She also needs to enhance some aspects of her leadership skills. First, she does not do the leader work effectively. For example, in my opinion, a good leader should be a good listener, so she listens to all the people’s ideas and makes good friends with everyone. Even if she found our group members were lazy at work, she would not tell them directly or sometimes she would not tell them. She hopes everyone in our group could think her as a nice person. It might influence my decisions of the organization. Second, as a leader, she does not tell us all the facts about herself. She only wants to tell us her success and ignore her lost. She always wants her group members show respects to her and in their opinions she is the best. She expects us think that the decisions made by our leaders are extremely right, and we could follow the directions without hesitation. Third, she is so shy to share her ideas with other people. I think it might because of her Chinese culture background. She is from China, and most Asian people especially girls are very shy to talk to others actively. I remember clearly that every time when she was standing in front of a lot of people to do the presentation, her face was keeping red during the whole time.


From my evaluation above, I hope in the future Poppy could keep her good abilities of leadership and improve the insufficient leadership skills. For example, she will not be so shy to talk to people. Instead, she will tell the other group members disadvantages directly, because it is helpful for both the group members and herself. The future communication between the group members and her should be honest, so that the group members could know more about their leaders. When the group members know what kind of people she was, they could trust her more than before. Anyway as a leader she has to adapt all the different situations and organize freely towards all the sudden changes. In this way, she can achieve organizational goals easier.

What Julia Says:


In our group we choose poppy as our group leader. After the first time meet Poppy in the class. I think she has the passion to be a good leader. These two girls in our group already know each other really well for a long time. They met each other in China since enter the same school. Hanna and I know each other since we met each other at the time we start the same course at the university here. I choose poppy become our group leader because I think she is really active and enthusiasm, more over she is a good organiser through further communication with her. She is really warmth and helpful and she is a type of supportive and achievement orientate leader. When we have some difficult and unsure about what I do in the work and she will give us the direction and suggest me what I can do.  As a leader her has excellent communication skills and can communicate with most of people really well. She is a good team worker such as allocate the tasks for each member in the group and always makes sure everything do smoothly. I am happy to work with her having group meetings and make the web site together. She keeps us working on the right direction all the time.


However for her further improvement some of the aspects that she could addresses in the future become an effective leader. Understand emotion of other group number and set at other people’s position and think about it. In the group she acts a little dominant personality. She could be more tolerance give other member some time to talk. With the time goes by she realised that and give us more opportunity to talk and express our opinion. As a good leader she still need ti improve his motivation skills to her subordinators how to achieve the goals more efficiently.


In my point of view Poppy can be a good leader through the leadership role she act. She learns from others and tries to make the group work more effectively and efficiently. She is the person learn and improve her skills all the time.